From Tuesday 19 May 2020, we will be providing a pre-booked COVID-19 testing service for key workers and their family members (who are symptomatic) across Brent CCG The Brent coronavirus Patient Assessment Centre (Escalation Care Clinic – ECC). This includes staff employed by:
  • a GP practice in Brent
  • a Care Home in Brent
  • Social & Domiciliary Services in Brent
  • Brent CCG
  • Brent Local Authority
  • Other key workers in Brent
The test service will operate Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and will be based in the car park at the front of Willesden Centre for Health (the same location as the Brent ECC), and patients will be able to access the service by car (preferably), cycle or on foot. IMPORTANT: If you wish to be tested, you must complete the testing request form below, and then wait for a telephone call or SMS from the Brent ECC team confirming your test booking. Please do not turn up to the service without a confirmed test booking.


  1. You must be a key worker of family member of a key worker.
  2. Your symptoms must be within 5 days or less.
  3. You must consent to receiving your test results via text message.
  4. You must be able to come to the testing centre by car (not a taxi), on foot or by cycle.
  5. You must be registered with a GP.
Appointments Form
Enter the name of the Key Worker in this text box. You will enter the name of the person who is to be tested later.

Please note: in order to process your test request, we will need to register you as a test patient.

Please note: you must consent to receiving your test results via text message AND that your symptoms are within 5 days or less in order to be eligible for testing. If you do not give consent for the text message and/or if your symptoms are not within 5 days or less, you will not see the Submit button.